06 juillet 2004
Sacrée Marina...

Il y a une chroniqueuse du Guardian que j'apprécie beaucoup, sur son ton, c'est Marina Hyde...

Extrait de sa dernière livraison :

With concern mounting for one in particular, we call the Pentagon press office. How are Donald's spirits, we ask Jim Turner. He's not concerned he could be subpoenaed as a defence witness in the Saddam trial? "Er..." says Jim. "Why?" Well, he did visit Baghdad in 1984 as the atrocities Saddam's charged with were really hotting up - you might recall he said he was pleased to be "building bridges" with the old boy at the time. And that's before we take in the fact that it was only a year after Halabja that the US escalated support and supplied the regime with computer equipment, vacuum pumps for nuclear plants and hundreds of tonnes of unrefined sarin. A pause. "The best person for you to ask about this," muses Jim, "would be a guy called Lt Col Joe Yoswa, so I'll get him to call you tomorrow."

Je vous laisse déguster.

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